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Storm Sling QD


Storm Sling QD

Item number: 10168206000 Manufacturer number: 70GS15BK
Color: Black

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Very versatile, robust and well thought-out single point sling from Blackhawk for MPs and long guns. The sling is adjustable in length and adapts to the movements of the shooter. At the end of the rifle sling is a Fastex fastener, this allows quick release between sling and weapon. The ITW Mash Hook makes the sling much more versatile and increases the freedom of movement in contrast to jump clips. Safety is also improved as the Mash Hook cannot detach from the eyelet or swivel. In many cases, the normal jump clips cannot be attached to the weapon because they are too large, but with mash hooks this is no problem.


Dimensions and weight

66.5 cm
Length packed:
23 cm
4.9 cm
Width packed:
15.2 cm
1.3 cm
Height packed:
5.5 cm
0.18 kg
Weight packed:
0.21 kg


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